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Been posting on Instagram!

Been posting on Instagram these days! And that's a wrap on a #winter #wedding on one cold night in #Toronto. It must have been -10C plus aView full post »

Yet another reason to back up yo!

What a week. What a week… Not once but twice my emergency systems are tested. First my motherboard (apple calls them logic boards) dies on my trusted MacBook Pro. At first I was in denialView full post »

Anita + Joe – Wedding

The combination sneak peek and slideshow from Anita and Joe’s wedding! Nothing like surprising your partner at the alter by singing your vows. Wow. ~shiver~ ;p Loved it! PS I had an absoluteView full post »

Eva + Miki = Whole Lotta Love

Eva and Miki’s wedding at the Fermenting Cellar in the historic Distillery District was the perfect way to wind down my 2013 wedding season. The day was a blast from start to finish… soView full post »

Ringing in the good times!

This photograph is for my buddy Miki and my new buddy Eva. More than words can say. A little rock n roll for inspiration. Congrats you two, that was one fun day. I’m looking forward toView full post »

It’s All In The Details

A few Indian wedding details for my buddy Irfan. Slideshow below.View full post »

United in Colour.

If it wasn’t on my bucket list before, it is now… shooting an Indian wedding. I often shoot with black and white in mind before the shutter is released, but when you get an opportunityView full post »

Carol + Kevin: A Declaration Of Love

From door games, to tea ceremonies, to a surprise dance entrance, here’s a sneak peek from Carol and Kevin’s wedding day. I can’t summarize it any better than to say it was aView full post »

Carol + Kevin – Engagement Session

I couldn’t decide on my top 5 photos from Carol & Kevin’s engagement shoot so… here’s the top 6. Check out the “hadoken” power moves, vintage street fighterView full post »

Head bongos – alternate views

One thing I like to mention to my wedding clients is that I always recommend two photographers for any wedding larger than a small intimate wedding (i.e. greater than 50 guests). A team of twoView full post »

Is there a Doctor in the house?

Earlier this autumn, I did some second shooting for my home boy Irfan from Darkroom Doctors for the reception from the multi-day wedding. There were singing performances, choreographed dances,View full post »

Helen + Kris: the i do’s, a sneak peak

Helen and Kris’ wedding at the Berkeley Field House was a pleasure (and blast) to shoot! Highlights include a reveal, free-styling the portrait shoot on the not-so-mean streets of Toronto (oneView full post »

Love… love me do!

Carolyn and Mark’s wedding was probably the closest I’ve ever been to the English countryside. There were dapper dudes in morning suits, colorful trendy feathers in ladies’ hair,View full post »

Wedding slideshow bonanza!

Two new wedding slideshows will be posted this week. Here’s the first slideshow, Christy and Marc’s gorgeous wedding in May! Ceremony: Rosedale Unitied Church Park: AllanView full post »

Carolyn + Mark

Saturday’s sunny weather was the absolutely perfect day to get married. As fate would have it, Carolyn and Mark had chosen this date many, many months ago. What a fantastically super day itView full post »

thumbs up!!

I’d like to give my two thumbs up, way up, for my lil’ sis and my new bro! Let’s review the checklist: Gorgeous spring day – check Family from far and wide –View full post »

One fine day in May… Christy + Marc

I couldn’t have asked for a finer spring day in May than this past Saturday to kick off my first wedding of the year! Here are my favourite images as a mini-slideshow teaser from Christy andView full post »

short and long stories, and everything in between

A few weeks ago, I had an assignment for a good part of the day. This assignment was Joe. Joe was getting married. You may wonder why the beautiful bride Sam is missing? Well, that’s anotherView full post »