Head bongos – alternate views

One thing I like to mention to my wedding clients is that I always recommend two photographers for any wedding larger than a small intimate wedding (i.e. greater than 50 guests). A team of two photographers (or even three for large weddings) at a minimum gives multiple vantage points. It also gives us the opportunity to split up the team to cover the bride and groom if they are doing separate activities or physically at different locations. We draw up a shooting plan for ceremony coverage to address different shooting angles (front of church vs. back / left vs. right / wedding party vs guests). But most importantly it allows us the best opportunity to capture candid moments with two separate photographic styles. After a wedding shoot I always marvel at the different perspectives from two photographers of the same event. It’s very important that the two photographic styles are complimentary and can be blended seamlessly but it’s also amazing to see unique styles of the same subject.

Here’s a great example from a wedding in October. Both myself and my second photographer Esmond Lee were attracted to some human head bongo playing. Like sharks smelling blood in the water both of us left our cocktail candids positions from different parts of the room and attacked. The following frames are not even a second apart but are a great example of two unique looks of almost the exact same instance in time. The first photo is by Esmond and the second is mine. Different lenses, camera bodies, settings, flash, flash modifier, no flash, distance/location to subject, interaction with subject and most importantly photographic vision/style are all variables that factor into the final image.

If this was a competition of capturing ‘the’ moment of human head bongo playing I’d say Es won as he caught the act of bongo playing whereas I caught the resulting “I’m innocent” expression. But together they make a good story don’t you think?

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