Yet another reason to back up yo!

What a week. What a week…

Not once but twice my emergency systems are tested.

First my motherboard (apple calls them logic boards) dies on my trusted MacBook Pro. At first I was in denial when my 6 year old familiar aluminum shelled friend didn’t respond to the power button. Days later I finally came to acceptance. One reddit quote really stuck with me, “6 years in computer years is like… 43 human years”. Case closed. With a brand new MacBook Pro I was good for another half decade of digital dark-rooming. No data lost.

Now I’m happy again.

In the middle of Sunday’s wedding, my second body craps out. Like dead dead. Useless. But luckily I’m a 2 shooter kind of guy. So now leaning on my right side camera, I shoot and shoot until my right shooting index finger begins cramping. I begin to tire.

Then I come across this guy on the dance floor.

He had all the answers.

And I’m happy again.


Good thing for backups and contingency planning. Hey-ho!!

Shout out to Irfan for this great shot of the dancing lil’ man!

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